We partner Oxizonia, the association for the reforestation of the Amazon.

Why do we need the Amazon rainforest?

As the world’s largest tropical forest, the Amazon rainforest performs a crucial role in controlling our planet’s CO2 levels. The rainforest generates 20% of the Earth’s oxygen and guarantees the stability of the global climate.

However, human activity has destroyed more than 10% of the Amazon rainforest and at the current rate it may disappear in the next 30 years.

We want to recover the lost vegetation of the Amazon.
We want to protect more than 3,000 species that live there.
We want to keep the planet’s lungs alive.

We demonstrate our commitment to the reforestation and protection of the Amazon via the Oxizonia-Rec association by sponsoring the GioForest. That 200-hectare area is located in the district of Chontachaka in the state of Cusco (Peru). We’ll reforest it with different species: peach palm, mahogany, paca paca, laurel and caobilla.

Thanks to GioForest, we are creating a maintenance, care and conservation model for the Amazon, halting the progress of mining and illegal logging, and promoting the development of a sustainable economy for this region of the planet.