We believe in research and innovation as the keys to change.

One of our main concerns is to ensure that our shoes are increasingly sustainable, from the production process until they arrive in your hands. Or rather, on your feet ;).

Our teams conduct constant research and training to develop more ethical and responsible products.

We also collaborate with leading national and international associations and institutions, helping us to offer the best products by adopting the best practices.


We are immersed in our own technological transformation. Constant innovation is a need we try to address in collaboration with bodies such as INESCOP, the Centre of Innovation and Technology for footwear, through different studies and programmes.

The HAVE A NICE WORLD label is attached to collections which follow the latest trends, but in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They are manufactured from recycled materials such as polyester or cotton with natural fibres from sustainable forests, or with leather produced by a more sustainable tanning process.

At least 30% of the materials of the products with the HAVE A NICE WORLD label are recycled.