Wearing brand new shoes is one of the things that can make a difference on a Monday. Taking care of your shoes is very important to extent their life. If we take care of them in the right ways they’ll look as if we wearing brand new shoes every day.

To achieve this you can apply the following simple tips.

  1. After using your shoes, is very important to take care of their state. We recommend wiping them with a damp cloth to eliminate the dust and dirt. Do it in a soft way, without pressing the shoes and take good care of the seams, because they usually accumulate more dirt.
  2. Once they are completely dry, you can apply a special product to take care and nurture the leather.

We recommend our Delicatessen cream, available on our website. This soft cream is applicable with a soft cloth over the shoe. After applying the cream you can brush it softly. This process will nurture and bring back the shine to the leather, keeping the shoe in perfect conditions.


  1. Even if we have the shoes clean and hydrated, it is very important to keep them protected of the external agents. To do this you can use a repellent spray that keeps the leather waterproof, keeping it from water, grease or dirt.

This will prevent the shoe from damage when you’ll use it. We recommend the “Waterproof Spray” specially indicate for the care of leather shoes, split leather, nobuck or textile, without affecting colours or the quality of your shoes. Its use is simple as distributing the product along the shoe before and after using it. This will extend the life of your shoes making them look like new.


As you can see taking care of your leather shoes is very easy.

With this tips you can extent their life!