Care tips piel

Since your Gioseppo have been made of natural leather, the difference between tones and the little imperfections are signs of authenticity and by no means this should be considered as a manufacturing flaw.

Fades and product finishes in leather reveals handmade finishes that make of your shoes a unique piece. Consequently, colour and appearance might be altered with using and the passage of time.

Our materials are sourced for their quality and tested prior to sale. However, some materials such as suede, may transfer colour into lighter materials. Avoid store it joined to lighter products.

We recommend special care with delicate ornaments: beads, bows and sequins, avoiding rubbing or blows with other objects that may damage the items inevitably.



Your Gioseppo footwear is made of materials that ensure your comfort and convenience. To ensure optimal care of your Gioseppo DON’T WASH THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE.  Instead, handwash them with care.

If you put them in the washing machine, products can fade and become damaged due to the components.

To keep your new handbag looking like new, avoid contact with water as the material that is made of, may deteriorate.


To keep your new raffia fiber bag looking like new, avoid contact with water as the material that is made of, may deteriorate. In the same way, it is recommended to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to the Sun, since it could damage the vegetal material.


To ensure the maximum duration of your boots you should clean them after use to remove remains of dirt. To do this you must use cold water, soap and dry naturally, without artificial heat or sun.

To avoid breakage of the rubber avoid storing the boots while wet, curled or wrinkled.

Sometimes white spots may appear. It is a normal characteristic of natural rubber. In this case, if you can’t clean your boots with soap and water, you can apply rubber tire cleaner (liquid silicone). Never use solvents, shoe polish or diesel oil, as these may harm the boots forever.

GIOSEPPO wellies are made from natural rubber (latex), material to which some people might be allergic.

Gioseppo guarantees 12 months in case of manufacturing defects, except those defects for misuse and normal degradation.


Your  Gioseppo flip flops are made to resist the water, but yet you have to dry them as soon as you can and if they have any stain, clean it with a wet cloth.
We advise to have special care with the most delicate ornaments: gemstones, bows and sequins, avoiding scratches or impacts with other objects that might damage them without remedy.