To offer fashionable footwear products and accessories to suit every profile, diversity of tastes and uses, with collections for all ages. We adapt our offer to your desires, through innovative designs, strategic positioning in national and international points of sale and excellence in the service we provide to our customers.


To become consolidated as a brand of reference in the fashion footwear and accessories sector. With constant growth based on innovation, sustainability and adaptation to the changes that are taking place in today’s society.



The brand is our greatest asset, the distinguishing mark that we show to the world. In Gioseppo we fight to retain our leadership of the market and we export this asset to more than 35 countries.


We believe in adaptation to change as an element of innovation and improvement for brand and product positioning. Our stand is clear, we have put our faith in a team of professionals and resources that help us to improve vis-à-vis our customers.


We believe that we learn from each other continuously, and we foster companionship, respect, teamwork and communication. The success of our products is due to the effort of the people behind them.


Gioseppo is a socially responsible footwear company, committed to sustainable growth in all spheres: protection of the environment, wellbeing in the workplace and, as a consequence, quality in the product.

The expansion of the company is compatible with the care of many aspects that improve our human relationships; by generating a positive environment we will obtain great results.